Omnichannel Marketing and How Can It Increase Customer Experience?

omnichannel marketing strategies and techniques

Omnichannel marketing provides strategies to build a hyper-personalized omnichannel customer experience through multiple engagement channels. In omnichannel vs multichannel comparison, unlike multichannel marketing, omnichannel focuses on providing information to customers by portraying your brand in a unified voice and message.

In today’s technological world, the customer has instant access to information about products and services. Customers can easily switch screens to check the product details. They compare them with others and shortlist, and make a buying decision based on it.

As a marketer, you have to think beyond just providing information about your products and services.

98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day.

Google research

An interesting behavior of customers is that they are impatient. When they place an order online, they expect to receive a confirmation email and a product delivery tracking ID. Some eCommerce stores go a step further and send a confirmation message on the customer’s contact number.

This helps to build a strong relationship with the customer and trust in the brand and its reputation.

Easy Access to Product Information Across Omnichannel Retails

As a marketer, you have to create personalized and right kinds of messages for a customer. For example, customer A searched for the best mobile phones in a budget. Customer B searched for the best mobile phones with a 48MP camera. The online store should have products to cater to both the customers as product searches show high buying intention.

You have to be available at the right time with the required information about your products across omnichannel retails. This will help the buyer make a well-informed decision.

When a customer buys a product you have to maintain the ease to access to information of similar products. For example, you can send information about mobile covers for that particular mobile phone in the purchase confirmation email.

Even if the customer doesn’t buy the mobile cover, the customer will know that you have the mobile cover. This will encourage the customer to return to your store and buy it from you.

Personalize the Customer Experience

While marking an omnichannel marketing strategy, segment the customers based on parameters such as buying behavior, demography, and purchasing history.

You can segment customers into two groups. One who are regular customers and the second who hasn’t made any purchase in the last six months. You can use the data to personalize the recommendations for each group of users.

Your sales team can use this data to make prospects and provide better customer support.

You can also make use of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Hire an IT company to design a database management company to help you manage the customers’ data. You can check the Design Rush agency database to find and recruit an IT company for this purpose.

According to the Encyclopedia of Information Systems, a customer database provides a wealth of relevant information that can be used to better serve the customers.

Design Omnichannel Marketing Strategies for Different Customer Phases

Use a four-phase model of customer engagement and integrate it with an omnichannel marketing strategy. This will help to deepen your engagement with the customer.

four phases to achieve effective customer engagement


If the customer downloaded your app or signed up on your website or eCommerce store, it is good news that your customer has found a solution or relevance of their requirement in your service or a product you offer.

Now the next step is to do a good onboarding and welcoming of your customer to develop engagement with your customer. This is your opportunity to display your value or otherwise the customer will forget about ever signing up on your website or store or uninstall the app.

An example of good onboarding practice is sending a personalized welcome email to your new customer. Use the BIZBUG Digital’s email marketing service to welcome the customer.

You can also send an email from the founder of your company. You can include guides, tips, links to useful resources, offers, and promotions, or/and brief the customer on what to expect in the following emails.


You have to think of innovative ideas and ways to keep your customer engaged. For example, you can send targeted messages to your customers containing offers, rich media, personalized content, etc.

You can also send event-based notifications such as birthdays, a regional festival, or cultural celebration wishes. Investment companies can send simple ideas of how their customers save money and invest in the schemes to get profitable returns.

It is not always necessary to tell customers about your offers. You have to think like a normal human being to make unique omnichannel marketing strategies. Send messages unbiased by any offer or information of promotions and discounts. This reminds the customer of your presence so that they don’t forget about you which is the key essence of omnichannel marketing.


Use the customer information database to design strategies based on customer buying patterns and behaviors. You can set automatic tools to remind the customer about any products that the customer placed in the checkout but forgot to complete the purchase.

  • You can tell the customer about an expiring subscription. Offer a discount on a bundle if the customer re-subscribes before expiry.
  • Communication companies offer free MBs of data if their customers recharge or pay bills before a specific time.

This is a great time to tell the customers about offers and discounts to encourage them to make new purchases

Above are a few examples to keep the customers engaged and coming back. Send an email or SMS confirming their purchase to send a unified message as a part of omnichannel marketing technique.


It is a common belief that it is cheaper to retain a customer than find new ones. Research suggests that attracting a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

A research conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company suggests that retaining an existing customer can increase profits by 25% to 95%.

A simple rule to remember is to keep communicating with your customers. You can send them the latest updates, offerings, discounts in different seasons, festivals, and cultural events. You can also keep push notifications personal such as offering discounts on birthdays, specific for that customer.

By designing innovating business strategies based on omnichannel marketing techniques you can significantly increase reduce business operating costs and increase customer engagement.

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